Advance Corporation
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Customer Testimonials

You have been wonderful to work with—very efficient and knowledgeable. Thank you for your superb customer service. And, each award was sent in a timely fashion. My experience with Advance Corporation has consistently been very positive!

Judy Hartung, Pillsbury Marketing

I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service I received from you. Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, patient…all good things that customer service should be. And your production staff backed up the commitments that were made. Your staff should be commended and you should be proud of their performance.

Gary Gawreluk, Corporate Marketing, Inc.

We searched for years to find a company like Advance Corporation—now one of our most trusted partners. I do not remember Advance ever letting us down and we are always working against deadlines.

John Jester, The Jester Company Inc.

I placed an order for the framed (school name) Medallions for the College of Arts and Sciences.  When my customer came and picked them up, she was really blown away by the way they looked.  Being in awe was closer to the correct description.  If you could have seen the look on her face, that would have made you beam with pride.  She was truly happy with the awards and hopes they will be repeated next year as well. Thank you for making my customer very happy.  You and your company did a spectacular job on them.

Knoxville, TN

I have been really impressed with the ease of working with Advance Corporation. Thanks again for your assistance.
Brian Beam, The P.O.P. Shop

We have set up several inventory programs Advance Corporation and you have been very easy to work with. I can sleep at night without worrying about an order in house with your company.

Jordan Dunne, Marketnet/PMA

We do not know how you do it. Thanks for all your help. You have an amazing company.

Carla Aslan, All-Ways Advertising

Ideas and manufacturing all in one location. Not sure how you make me look so good, but thanks for getting the job done AND on time AND correct. In today’s business, that combination seems to be rare.

Tom Conti, J.C. Advertising Specialties